RECIPE detox tea with ginger and turmeric

Detox Tea with Ginger and Turmeric

Note:  I still have to do my research into the “detox” phenomenon, but I do have to say I love this tea!  It is refreshing and has two ancient herbs with well known beneficial properties (look for an upcoming post on that topic). Too much of a good thing can be harmful, however, as turmeric (and to a lesser extent, ginger) can be toxic to humans at very high doses.


2 cups water

1/2  teaspoon powdered ginger

1/2  teaspoon powdered turmeric

1 tablespoon mayple syrup (I use 100% maple syrup)

Juice of 1/2 lemon


Bring water to a boil, add the powdered herbs.  Simmer for ~10 minutes.  If desired, strain tea, and pour into 2 mugs (original recipe says this is one serving, but I break it up into 2 and reheat the 2nd at a later time).  If desired, you can add more water to dilute the spiciness of this tea to your preference.


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