RECIPE simple & awesome guacamole

The most critical part of making good guacamole is to have perfectly ripe avacados—which can be a tough call, since they’re usually rock hard when you buy them and suddenly ripen before you know it (unless you check them by touch every day)!  Avacados are so creamy and flavorful, there’s really no need to add exotic ingredients or spices—the following ingredients can be found in most kitchens.


2 ripe avacados

Juice of ½ lemon (or lime)

½ medium sized red onion, minced

1 tomato, chopped

10-12 dashes Tabasco Sauce (or to taste)

coarse salt to taste


Cut avacadoes lengthwise, remove pit and mash with fork.

Add lemon, onion, tomato, salt and Tabasco, and mix well.

Adjust salt and Tabasco to taste.

Serve with tortilla chips (we like Garden of Eatin’ Blue Corn Tortilla Chips).